May 9, 2023

Vibrant Fungi Photos Capture the Beauty of Nature and Nostalgic Memories of Foraging for Mushrooms

Though Barbora Batokova grew up in the city, she's always been a country girl at heart. In fact, she has fond memories of time spent with her family outside the city foraging mushrooms. This love of mushrooms stayed with her as she moved from her native Czech Republic to the United States for university. And as a way to stay connected with her heritage, she revisited the idea of photographing and foraging mushrooms.

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May 4, 2023

Surreal Shrink-Wrapped People Portraits Visualize Vacuum-Sealed Love Bubbles

A creative who goes by the name Photographer Hal often depicts people in confined spaces. While that might initially sound distressing, Hal’s work points out that this isn’t always the case. His series Flesh Love All was created with a desire to express love in its many forms, from romantic to familial. Only love, he notes, “may have the power to bring all things together, even across race and disparities.

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April 28, 2023

How a Photographer Captured Intimate Celebrity Portraits at 2023 BAFTA Awards [Interview]

There are few things more exciting in the entertainment industry than awards season. The spirit of the accolades—along with the anticipation of who will win—are reasons to look forward to them each new year. Photography offers us a valuable way to encapsulate their energy and emotion, and a skilled photographer snaps portraits that evoke these qualities while chronicling them for posterity.

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April 25, 2023

Stunning Light Paintings Spotlight the Radiance of a Contemporary Dancer

Movement, light, and landscapes converge in Eric Paré‘s stunning photographs. Based in Montreal, the photographer is renowned for his magical light paintings, which he achieves with stop-motion techniques to create fully-fledged effects in his images. From glowing halos to mesmerizing spirals, these displays frame contemporary dancer Kim Henry in an array of picturesque locales. Although it is easy to mistake these special effects for Photoshop, they are actually created on location.

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