December 17, 2021

Indigenous People in Alaska Invented Snow Goggles Centuries Ago To Protect Eyes and Improve Vision

Anyone who has spent a lot of time outdoors in the snow knows how important it is to protect your eyes. The bright sun bouncing off the white snow can lead to snow blindness, a very uncomfortable situation caused by too much exposure to UV light. Indigenous peoples in the Alaska region were certainly aware of these dangers, and have been creating eyewear to protect themselves for thousands of years.

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November 3, 2021

500 Ancient Olmec and Mayan Ceremonial Sites Discovered in Mexico

The dense jungles of Central America hide the remains of great ancient civilizations. Among these civilizations were the Olmec and Mayan peoples who built impressive pyramidal structures and engineered sophisticated water filtration systems. While some of these sites have been excavated, many others remain buried beneath lush greenery.

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October 14, 2021

Incredible Scale Models Show the Intricacy of World War I Trench Warfare

Andy Belsey spends his days making architectural models, but it's the models he constructs in his free time that have garnered him worldwide attention. In particular, his incredibly detailed look at World War I trench warfare has earned him great acclaim. And now, he's putting all of his knowledge into his new book, Modelling WWI Trench Warfare, published by Crowood Press.

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September 26, 2021

AI Technology Colorizes Rare Video Footage of WWII London To Bring the Era to Life

Many people enjoy watching films from the mid-20th century to catch a glimpse into a past existence. However, these movies rarely show you what life was really like for otherwise ordinary folks. The Netherlands-based film editor known as Ricks Filmrestoration (Rick88888888 on YouTube) is changing that with restored, colorized, and enhanced video footage of war-torn London during World War II.

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