October 9, 2021

Watch a Cockatiel Play Peekaboo With a Nest of Baby Birds

Cockatiels are known for being incredibly smart. They have great memories, can be taught to perform tricks, and they can even learn how to speak. Not only that, but some cockatiels love to play games. One particular bird in Bursa, Turkey, is so smart, that he’s managed to find a peculiar way to entertain himself and his sibling baby birds. He loves to play peekaboo!

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September 12, 2021

ASMR Footage of Hungry Tortoise Eating Fruit and Veg Is Surprisingly Noisy and Satisfying

Some of the most calming sounds can come from the most unexpected sources. Those that are into ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) know this better than most. Some people love listening to whispering, while others enjoy the sounds of tapping. However, there’s one huge online community that can’t get enough of one particular YouTube channel called Animal ASMR.

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July 28, 2021

Viral TikTok Video Shows That Gorillas Are Scared of Snakes Too

Many people are scared of snakes, but you might be surprised to find out that gorillas are also spooked by serpents. A TikTok user known as Bearded Kraken recently shared a video from Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park—part of the Walt Disney Resort near Orlando, Florida—titled “Gorilla VS Snake.” The footage shows a family of curious gorillas reacting to a snake in their enclosure—and they don’t seem too happy about it.

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July 21, 2021

Aerial Time-Lapse Video Captures Mesmerizing Movements of Over 1,000 Sheep

If you’ve ever seen shepherds herding sheep, you know how remarkable their abilities are. And while directing the farm animals looks impressive from the ground, the choreographed movements look even more captivating from above. Haifa, Israel-based drone photographer Lior Patel spent the last seven months capturing a flock of 1,000–1,700 sheep in the Peace Valley region of Yokneam.

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