May 9, 2023

Woman With Early-Onset Dementia Embroiders What Her Brain Looks Like to Her

When we’re healthy, we don’t have to think about what is failing in our bodies. After all, part of being healthy is not having to constantly consider what is ailing us; everything is working as it should. But when someone is diagnosed with a terminal disease, they have no choice but to consider the part of their body that is in trouble—it can affect every aspect of their life.

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May 2, 2023

Artist Hand-Cuts and Layers Colorful Sheets of Paper To Create Enchanting Mini Worlds

Rather than creating a work of art from one sheet of paper, artist Margaret Scrinkl uses several. By layering multiple cutouts, she creates miniature worlds that are full of abundance. From cabins nestled in the woods to foxes huddled around a campfire, these playful compositions are full of whimsy. Scrinkl also documents every part of her creative process.

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April 16, 2023

Vintage Textile Patterns Are Reimagined as Intricate Laser-Cut Paper Sculptures

Vintage textiles are reimagined in paper form through stunning creations by Ibbini Studio. Based in Abu Dhabi, artist Julia Ibbini and computer scientist Stéphane Noyer have merged their expertise into a unique practice that combines contemporary digital design with traditional craftsmanship. Their series of sculptural works feature ornamental motifs from an array of sources, stretching from antique Persian carpets to Japanese cloisonné vases.

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