December 22, 2021

NASA Releases Incredible Audio From Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede

It's incredible that we live in an age where we can actually see and hear what's happening on different planets. As various NASA missions send data back to Earth, the agency publishes it for the public to enjoy. The latest information comes courtesy of Juno, NASA's space probe that is exploring Jupiter. While it's constantly sending back images of the gas giant, new audio from Jupiter's moon Ganymede has just come to light.

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December 16, 2021

NASA Makes History With Spacecraft “Touching the Sun” For the First Time Ever

Solar science has taken a huge leap forward thanks to NASA's Parker Solar Probe. Launched in 2018, the probe has made history by entering the Sun's corona. This is the first time a spacecraft has ever “touched the Sun” and scientists are hoping that the particles and magnetic fields that the probe sampled will give them more insights into this star.

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September 27, 2021

NASA Will Launch James Webb Space Telescope To Capture Cosmic Views of the Universe

A new dawn is emerging in the realm of space exploration and discovery. Ushering in that progress is a new joint NASA, ESA, and CSA space telescope: the James Webb Space Telescope, named after former NASA administrator James E. Webb. Scheduled to launch from the shores of French Guiana in December, it will be the largest and most powerful telescope ever put into space.

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