Street Photography

May 6, 2023

Man Discovers Passion for Moody Street Photography After Moving to New York [Interview]

When Nicolas Miller moved to New York City several years ago, he was inspired to start his creative journey. Intrigued by the metropolis and all it had to offer, he picked up an old DSLR and began exploring the streets. From there, he's never looked back. Propelled forward by the inspiring street photographers he viewed online, his love for the craft has only deepened over time.

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September 19, 2022

Street Photographer Shares the Moments When He’s Been “Caught” Taking a Photo

Discretion is part of street photography. If you want to capture candid pictures of people, it’s best to do it when they can’t see you. But sometimes, as photographer Benjamin Lee (aka Itchban) shares, it’s unavoidable that you’ll get “caught.” In an ongoing series of photos, he pinpoints the moments when people are looking directly into his camera as they walk down the street, sit in their cars, or stand on the train.

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March 8, 2022

Street Photographer Uses San Francisco’s Fog as a Character in His Quietly Mysterious Images

By harnessing the naturally foggy nature of San Francisco, street photographer Joshua Singh brings an extra touch of magic to his imagery. Inspired by the way the fog washes over the city and creates a special atmosphere, it's become a star player in his pictures. The incorporation of fog makes for a unique portfolio that elevates each image and heightens the drama.

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December 7, 2021

Photographer Has Reunited With Over 350 People Whose Photos He Snapped 40 Years Ago

When you see a random person in a street photo, it’s natural to ponder what they've been doing in the time since that picture was snapped. Most often, though, we’re left wondering. Photographer Chris Porsz gives us the satisfaction of knowing how his subjects end up with his popular Reunions series. In then-and-now photos, portraits of people first captured decades ago are now recreated in the present day.

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