April 23, 2023

19th-Century Shipwreck Found “Frozen in Time” at the Bottom of Lake Huron

Early in the morning on September 26, 1894, the crew of the 191-foot Ironton—a schooner barge—was in a panic. Cut loose from the steamer that had been hauling the boat and its crew through the frigid waters of Lake Huron, the Ironton was out of control. Buoyed by the wind as the crew failed to set the sails properly in the gale, the ship swung off course and collided with another steamer named Ohio.

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April 5, 2023

Hop Into Easter With This Egg-cellent History of the Holiday

Happy Easter! As you hop into the holiday spirit, you may find yourself embracing a tradition or two, whether you're filling a basket with fake grass and fun goodies or dyeing a dozen hard-boiled eggs. While you may not think twice about these seemingly silly activities, they're actually age-old practices packed with history, springing from ancient rituals, medieval folklore, and more modern incarnations. Want to learn more about Easter and its technicolor traditions?

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March 22, 2023

A Light-Hearted History of April Fools’ Day, an Unofficial Holiday Celebrated Around the World

Happy April Fools' Day! Every year on April 1st, fun-loving jokesters dupe, deceive, and play pranks on others—all under the guise of honoring an unofficial holiday. Have you ever wondered why we have a day dedicated to making mischief? Although pinpointing the exact origin of the humorous holiday is tricky, countries around the world have reveled in their own versions of April Fools' Day for centuries.

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March 15, 2023

A “Wee” History of the Leprechaun, a Legendary Character From Irish Folklore

Though famously short in stature, leprechauns have landed a big role in Irish folklore. These “wee folk” have captured imaginations for centuries, enchanting generation after generation with green get-ups and promises o' gold. Though the leprechaun is a staple of pop culture in the Emerald Isle and beyond, its origins are a bit more mysterious. Fortunately, if you've ever wished you knew more about these little sprites, you're in luck!

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