April 20, 2023

Photographer Admits His Award-Winning Photo Is AI-Generated and Rejects Prize

When the Sony World Photography Awards announced the winners of the Open Competition in March, German photographer Boris Eldagsen was listed as the winner of the Creative Category. His image Pseudomnesia | The Electrician is a black and white portrait of two women from different generations. While Eldagsen was presented with his award at a ceremony in London in April, he's since declined the prize.

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March 30, 2023

Company Creates Meatball From the Cells of an Extinct Woolly Mammoth

Traditional meat production is a leading stressor on the environment, as it's a known fact that raising livestock produces an incredible amount of greenhouse gases. As the world races against time to cut emissions, some companies are doing their part by showing how meat can be produced without livestock. And now one Australian company has created a meatball from the cells of an extinct woolly mammoth in order to bring attention to the process.

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February 27, 2023

Remote Kissing Device Lets Users Smooch Anyone Over the Internet

The world is full of strange and oddly specific gadgets, and now there’s a new one that’s taking the internet by storm. This curious—and somewhat creepy—contraption is what is being referred to as a remote kissing device. The interesting invention, which looks like a pair of disembodied human lips, is designed to allow anyone to send and receive virtual kisses that can actually be felt.

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February 20, 2023

AI-Generated Art Personifies Countries as Different Women Across the Globe

Artificial intelligence (AI) learns from us, so what type of associations does it make based on its machine learning? An artist named Alexa, aka Crypto Tea, used AI to generate different countries reimagined as women. After inputting some text, the technology created a variety of stylized portraits of ladies adorned with the stereotypical characteristics of the countries.

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