May 10, 2023

Lithuanian Man Rowed Across the Atlantic Ocean From Spain to Florida in 121 Days

For a young Lithuanian man named Aurimas Valujavičius, the phrase “the trip of a lifetime” means a history-making adventure. The 25-year-old recently became the third person in the world and the first Lithuanian to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean in an unpowered single boat. Valujavičius begun his trip in the southwestern tip of continental Spain on Boxing Day 2022.

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May 8, 2023

Father Takes Son on 15-Minute Coffee Dates Every Day to Help Him Adjust to Going to Pre-K

For many kids, entering school or pre-k can be daunting. Not only is it the first time they spend time away from their parents, but it’s also a whole new experience, requiring them to adapt to a completely new environment and routine. For a little boy named Luca, this transition was especially hard. The boy’s father, Louis Roberts, had an idea to hopefully ease Luca’s transition to school life each day.

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May 2, 2023

TikTok Star Finds $5,000 Designer Dress for $50, Offers To Give It Away to a Bride in Need

You never know what you’ll find in an antique store. For many, it’s the thrill of the hunt that entices them; perhaps, in a magical moment, you'll find something that’s worth much more than its price tag. This exact thing happened to TikTok star Ophelia Nichols. The 41-year-old influencer shared that she found a wedding dress for $50 when its original tag read $4,819.

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