Street Art

March 13, 2023

Stunning Earth Murals Showcase the Beauty of Nature While Respecting Its Fragility

Finland-based artist David Popa takes an unusual approach to his street art. While he was raised in New York City with a father who was a graffiti writer, Popa doesn't use spray paint to create his murals. In fact, he doesn't even use walls, trains, or other typical surfaces. Instead, he is drawn to nature and blends his evocative art into the landscape by creating earth murals.

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March 3, 2023

Husband Gifts Wife a Chalk Drawing of Eggs in a Tiffany’s Box Because They’re “More Precious Than Diamonds”

Anamorphic art fools our eyes into seeing flat drawings as three-dimensional objects. In the case of Erik Greenawalt, aka Thechalkingdad, this “trick” is applied on a large scale. The Pittsburgh-based artist created an impressive chalk drawing in his driveway of a massive, rectangular Tiffany & Co. jewelry box with something unexpected inside.

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November 24, 2022

Photorealistic Butterfly Mural is a Tribute to Artist’s Childhood Love of Nature

French street artist Mantra brings his mother's garden to Versailles with a mural titled Where Amazement Blooms. Mantra is known for his paintings of the natural world, and for this mural, he was inspired by the plants, flowers, and insects he saw growing up. Based on photos taken in his mother's garden, the realistic mural shows butterflies perched on different flowers. The location of the mural makes the subject all the more appropriate.

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